Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Walgreens Take Care Recovery Plan

First of all, let's do this in stages.

1. I am a BzzAgent, which means that I've registered with BzzAgent.com to receive kits with samples, coupons and products to try out and then spread the word!

2. I recently received a BzzKit to promote Walgreens' Take Care Clinic. Here's the scoop on that, taken directly from their website:

Not feeling well? Drop into a nearby Take Care Clinic and one of our fully licensed board-certified Family Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants will see you.

    • We treat patients 18 months and older

    • We’re here 7 days a week, including weeknights

    • No appointment necessary

    • We welcome most insurance plans, too

    • Conveniently located at select Walgreens

I was hoping to get a chance to pay a visit before I posted this info so that I could give you a first hand account. The idea sounds amazing and I especially LOVE the thought of a convenient location and a super-quick visit. I still have not gone, but a close friend of mine has. It cost her $85 (private pay) and she was seen in 20 minutes. All this took place less than five minutes from her home. Wow.

3. What prompted my post this morning is the follow-up email I received regarding the Walgreens Take Care Recovery Plan. This caught my eye because they "provide access to free healthcare visits for our patients, and their families, who have lost their jobs and are uninsured." Interesting....

Just thought I would pass this along!

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