Friday, March 27, 2009

Take Your Child On A Birthday Shopping Spree

Two weeks ago, my oldest daughter turned 10. As agreed, I took her to Claire's in the mall to get her ears pierced. In addition, I had also printed out several coupons to use around the mall. Here is what we were able to lavish upon her for a mere $3:

1 XS tank top from Aeropostale - Free (Thanks, Deal Seeking Mom)
1 cute pink tote bag from Victoria's Secret
1 body wash from Victoria's Secret - $1 clearance
1 silver heart necklace from JC Penney $5 clearance minus $5 JC Penney Reward Certificate (enter code 3008 to get the $5 gift certificate)
1 white tea hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works $1.50
1 hand lotion from Bath & Body Works - Free w/ purchase
1 pair panties from Aerie - Free (OK, those were for me)
1 scoop Baskin Robbins - Free (birthday club)

She had SO much fun shopping with her Mama and getting to make all her selections. She looked like a little diva with all her brightly colored shopping bags. I loved being able to spend time with her and saying "yes" to so many things. Didn't cost a lot, but I know she felt like a princess.

Over the years, I've learned to make my own rules when it comes to kid birthdays. Don't feel pressured to throw a giant, over-priced shindig for your child's extended social circle. It only takes a few people and a little forethought to celebrate someone you love. And, as I'm finding out, very little cash.

** I've posted links to any offers that have not already expired.

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