Monday, March 23, 2009

My CVS Trip

I always ask God for favor when I go shopping. You know, I want to find what I'm looking for without walking in circles. I want the good deals to still be on the shelves and not all picked through. I want NICE, helpful cashiers and store personnel. Basically, I'm asking for heaven on earth and God is certainly big enough to make that possible.

Take today, for example. I walked into CVS and up to the big, red coupon machine. After scanning my card, I receive -- tah dah -- a $5 off $15 coupon. Holy smokes.

Here is my recent CVS conquest:

THREE 12-Packs CVS toilet paper @ $5.00 ea
1 Dry Idea Clinical Strength @ 7.99 (gives back $5 ECB)
1 Crest Pro Health Toothpaste @ 3.49 (gives back $3.49 ECB)
1 Speckled Jelly Beans (To bribe the kids)

Now for the coupons:

$1 off Crest
$2 off Dry Idea
$2 ECB - Extra Cash Bucks from previous purchase
$2.99 ECB
$4.99 ECB
$5 off $15 coupon

THEN, the nice cashier spots an expired $4 off $20 in my hand. It was one day past expiration. He said "Do you want to use that one too?" Ummm.....Yeah! He entered it manually.

Therefore, my OOP expense was $6.28, plus I received $8.49 in ECB's for next time. And my savings were like pennies from heaven. : )

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  1. Hey, I love the praying thing ...beautifully said.
    Our CVS in Lavergne used to take all expired extra care stuff and then quit doing it...but its worth asking the different CVS