Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Propane Refills - Art Pancakes

It's time to break out your grills for some scrumptious outdoor cooking! Before loading those burgers onto the grill, make sure you've got a full tank of propane. In the past, my husband has run over to Home Depot to exchange the propane tanks at $21 a pop. After some research, he discovered that Wal-mart does the same exchange service for $17.99.

While standing in line at Wal-mart, another frugal Dad told him about Art Pancakes Party Rentals on Nolensville Rd in Nashville. They will REFILL your tank to the full 20lb capacity for $13.00. (as opposed to the exchange service which only fills their tanks 15 - 17lbs for nearly double the cost!)

** For those of you outside the Nashville area, check with your local feed store or gas station for a propane REFILL service instead of a tank exchange. : )

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