Friday, April 3, 2009

Brand Name Prescription Drugs For Less @ Costco

I know, I know...there's a lot of offers for $4 generics out there. However, you don't always have a choice IF the medication is new and patented or if your physician has stated "dispensed as written" on your script. After calling around to all the local pharmacies and giant chains, I've discovered that Costco is, by far, the lowest -- I'm talking about prices for uninsured or "private pay" individuals.

Not only are they the least expensive -- in our case it was by a landslide -- BUT, that was the non-member price. If you purchase an annual membership for $50, your prices are even lower. And, if you purchase a business membership for $100, your prices are lower PLUS you receive 2% back on all purchases. Do the math here and you may find that this will be an even better deal, depending on the medications you may need.

Call your local pharmacy and they will price check your meds for you -- I found them very helpful.

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