Monday, May 4, 2009


Gone are the days of hidden fees, online auction snipers and empty wallets. is bringing designer fashion to women around the world for next-to-nothing. is a revolutionary concept sure to capture the attention of fashion aficionados around the world. It’s an interactive fashion website where members can swap, rather than buy, unlimited designer clothes with each other, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for a small annual subscription fee.

The fashion-savvy website is for women who want to keep their wardrobes fresh and stylish, without the large price tags. For many, buying designer clothes means more than wearing a label. It is also about knowing you have purchased a well-assembled outfit made from superior materials. Now anyone can get a return on their fashion investments by becoming a member of the world’s largest wardrobe and finding other desirable pieces to swap. is the brainchild of fashion designer Emily Chesher. While studying fashion design, Sydney-based Chesher (25) found it impossible to afford designer clothing on a student budget. She accessed fashion forums on the Internet and started trading her designer pieces with other fashionistas around the globe. A year later she decided to create a stylish, user-friendly website that makes designer fashion accessible to women everywhere.

Since launching in July 2004, has already become the best kept fashion secret for women in Australia, United States and Europe. Besides introducing designer labels, accessories and cosmetics from around the world to members, the website also has the latest fashion news, trends and forums for the fashion-savvy.

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  1. I thought was my little secret :) love it! such a great site